STOP Setting Realistic


Achievable Goals!”

START setting MASSIVE Goals and ACHIEVE what you thought was IMPOSSIBLE. 

YES by using “THE MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE” YOU TOO can join the Worlds Top Achievers

Dear Friend, 

Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? Why some people seem to reach their goals and be at the top of their game? Why some people become top achievers?

I asked myself this 12 years ago and interviewed 137 ‘ top achievers’‘looking into’ these people finding the secret to their success.

Amazingly they all do ONE thing .................. SET MASSIVE goals

YES, they set MASSIVE Goals as one of them said “Realistic and achievable goals set you up to be mediocre at best” I certainly don’t want to be mediocre do you?

This goal setting audio download (mp3) gives you 54 minutes of real insight into how to SET and more importantly ACHIEVE MASSIVE GOALS. This is something WE KNOW WORKS. Ask some of the people who have used the MASSIVE Goal Principle themselves. Could you be next?

Andy Cope, became a                                          Carl Barton, became an
BEST selling                                                        internet marketeer and
Children’s author.                                                 University lecturer

 Dave Jenkins, grew his                          Geoff Cox, turned his
business using The                                  small business networking
MASSIVE Goal                                      company Global.

So Andy, Carl, Dave and Geoff have ALL achieved MASSIVE GOALS following the MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE and many other people have achieved success too.  YES, EVERYONE who has followed the the MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE and taken ACTION has succeeded in achieving their goals. 

Go for it and achieve your massive goals too. The MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE has 100% success!!!! But you’ll still get  a  100% money back guarantee as well. 

The MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE works for ALL - whether you are 8 or 80 whether you are rich or poor or whatever you goals maybe.

People have set their MASSIVE GOALS to improve their:


✴Grades at school/college/university



✴Sporting achievements


✴What do YOU want to ACHIEVE?

You name it people have tried it. You will hear in the audio download that I raised £288,079.16 for Cancer Research in one event - no one thought I could but they hadn’t seen THE MASSIVE GOAL PRINCIPLE! Yes I raised £288,079.16 in my spare time by using THE GOAL SETTING PRINCIPLE. 

Throughout the audio download I’ll walk you through “THE MASSIVE Goal Principle” and you’ll start setting your goal ready to take ACTION. You’ll learn how top achievers think and behave to make them SO successful so that you can do the same. Why shouldn’t YOU be a TOP ACHIEVER TOO?

You’ll learn how to break your goals down into small achievable pieces so that you are able to achieve your MASSIVE Goals too. You’ll hear how to build your goal setting Pyramid so that you are ready to TAKE ACTION.

On top of the audio download for a limited time only I am going to send you a FREE e-book ‘THE 6 Steps to Goal Setting Success” (pdf).Yes its FREE and will help and support you with your goals even further. No catch whatsoever. For $20 get your audio download AND claim your FREE e-book NOW

The e-book is used alone by many people to SET and ACHIEVE their MASSIVE GOALS. It has many thought provoking chapters for example looking at ‘the fear of change’ , quotes from interviews with top achievers, the “must do’s” so that you are successful in achieving you goal AND a copy of a pyramid to work on!! And you get this FREE! 

On top of this if you’re unhappy with the download for any reason, please contact me within 90 days of receipt for a full, prompt and courteous refund. You take NO MONETARY RISK the only risk you take is in ACHIEVING YOUR MASSIVE GOALS,

Go for it, I look forward to hearing you success

Your Goal Setting Companion,

Dave Hyner

P.S. Start setting MASSIVE goals NOW and join TOP ACHIEVERS in their success

pps: The downloads are immediate so you can get started NOW

ppps. WARNING!!! - setting MASSIVE goals can have a positive effect on your life

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